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Standard User nemeth782
(member) Tue 07-Jul-15 17:37:12
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House Move Debacle

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Standard plusnet drama right?

I moved house on the 1st July. I called PN a couple of weeks before hand to arrange the move.

All booked in for install in the afternoon on the 1st I was told, excellent.

Fortunately, I was monitoring the tickets, because they actually booked it in for the 6th, which was a day I was away with work.

Called PN, they insisted this was the earliest they could book it. Changed it to the 7th as the 6th was useless to me.

Complaints team called me a few days later and told me they actually could book it for the first, result! Except after him fiddling around for a few minutes, he said he had mad a mistake and couldn't, so left it as is.

7th today, finally get broadband! Appointment slot is 1-6pm. Gets to 4pm, have heard nothing. Google tells me horror stories of people having engineers turn up at 4pm and say they don't have time left. Start to panic.

Call PN, get told their systems are down so they can't help. Spend the next hour getting progressively more annoyed.

1700, finally their systems are back up!

The engineer was unable to gain access!

It turns out PN had booked it for the 6th, which was yesterday.....

Not to worry though, as a "goodwill gesture", they would not charge me £49.99 for the missed appointment. How generous of them not to charge me for their own incompetence!

The next appointment they can do is the 15th, there is nothing any sooner, I have to wait 8 more days for broadband, whilst paying for a phone line I don't want or need.

I've worked out my direct, substantiated losses due to this at £102.84. I'll be complaining until they either pay this, I can take them to ADR (costing them more than £102.84) or I decide to file a small claims case (I'm confident I can substantiate these losses).
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