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Standard User mikej
(experienced) Wed 05-Aug-15 12:57:58
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Moving phone from BT to PN and upgrading PN ADSL to fibre

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Hi folks,
I'm currently considering moving my phone from BT to PN and upgrading my PN broadband to fibre, so have a few questions...

1. BT bill me 3 months in advance for line rental and their 'anytime' call plan - if I switch to PN midway through a billing period, will BT refund the unused portion ? (I'm way beyond the contract period for my package)

2. I don't have the option to select PN's line rental saver when upgrading my ADSL to fibre via the website - is this possible ? (I'll be using my mobile for calls from now on so don't need an inclusive call package)



My PC : Intel i7 920, ASUS P6T, 2x3GB Corsair DDR3, 2x1TB Samsung Spinpoint HDDs, ASUS HD4870DK, Pioneer DVR-216DBK DVD-RW, Corsair TX-650 PSU, Antec 300 case, Windows 7 (64-bit)

My ADSL : PlusNet 'Unlimited', BT Home Hub 3
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