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Standard User _Spike_
(regular) Thu 27-Aug-15 12:40:29
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Crosstalk effects?

[link to this post]

Since I have been connected to fibre several weeks ago my attainable rate and SNR have been slowly declining which I have always attributed to crosstalk.

However since Saturday when I had G.INP enabled the attainable and SNR have declined quite quickly, this could obviously be a coincidence but thought I'd post here for some thoughts.

My SNR has dropped from 10db to 6db since the weekend and my attainable has dropped from 98000 kbit/s to 81000 kbit/s.

Being on the 80/20 package and currently getting full sync I assume it wont be long until my sync starts dropping?

I'm having trouble with images on this site so here is a link to my stats on the PN forum-,1432...

Any thoughts?


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