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Standard User tommy45
(knowledge is power) Fri 28-Aug-15 20:55:55
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Has plusnet pulled the tbbqm (ping graph collection)

[link to this post]
I ask this question as the rest of the forums pages appear to load correctly and the forum is up , could it be to hide users ping monitors ? maybe they have succumbed to become commercially sensitive info too ???
ping-graphs gives you this holding page
We will be back soon error page

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Standard User kasg
(knowledge is power) Fri 28-Aug-15 21:07:33
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Re: Has plusnet pulled the tbbqm (ping graph collection)

[re: tommy45] [link to this post]
No, it is just that the URL is outside the community forums and therefore not working, like the rest of the community site. No way of telling whether it willl be back but it is still linked to from the forum thread:,1063...


plusnet Unlimited Fibre - sync approx 65000/20000 at 450m - BQM
Using OpenDNS
Domains and web hosting with TSOHOST

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