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Standard User WelshWArrior
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 07-Oct-15 13:53:27
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Plusnet down?

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Anyone else's connection down? Mine had been down for some time with a BT OR holding page in place saying words to the effect that my ISP 's connection to the circuit is down!

Edit: just had an email to say their TV channels are also down and that they 'should return after 1am on the 08/10/2015'. Sounds ominous!!

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ISP Representative chrisparr
(isp) Wed 07-Oct-15 15:52:30
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Re: Plusnet down?

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There's no widespread broadband outage. The TV channels is specific to the Internet based channels and can be fixed by doing a manual software update on the box, the 1am time is when these should be fixed automatically.

Chris Parr
Plusnet Support Team
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