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Standard User RogN
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 02-Feb-17 11:02:20
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Pnet abnormal 3 day DD notification

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The Direct Debit website clearly sets out the guarantee so that customers can feel safe when they agree to use one.

it shows that the notice period for a DD is "normally 10 working days". That allows for customers to see the new amount, check it and get back to the originator if the amount is incorrect and allows for the DD to be changed before it is taken.

Why are Pnet not normal ie abnormal in giving only 3 days notice so that there is no time for correction before being taken. That means that when something is wrong one has to take the decision to cancel the DD, as I have just done, thus putting my bank to more work, when it is Pnet's inability to get things right combined with their abnormal arrangement to give only 3 days notice, which does not allow for change.

This company is an absolute joke.
Standard User RogN
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 02-Feb-17 11:24:29
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Re: Pnet abnormal 3 day DD notification

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As I have just discovered sending a DD back, even when Pnet have agreed it to be incorrect BEFORE they took it but said they could not alter it, means that you are then locked out from much of your account. So whilst Pnet agreed yesterday to sort this out, today my account has been substantially blocked and Pnet caused all the problems by getting the amount wrong and not advising people in the normal 10 days so it could be changed.

Please, please save yourself this stress and don't take a contract with this Micky Mouse company.
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