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Standard User notleyc
(newbie) Thu 05-Jan-12 11:41:30
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Switching back from LLU

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I have been using Sky Broadband for a few years, but I've always stubbornly stuck with BT for my line rental.

I am now considering switching my line rental across too, but I'm unclear whether this might stop me from easily switching away from Sky in the future.

I had a chat with another provider this morning who said it might be possible to switch my line/broadband from Sky, but they would need to carry our a "working line transfer", which would result in my broadband being offline for two weeks. He also suggested that there was no guarantee that the transfer would work...

Has anyone here switched from Sky to another supplier or does anyone know if there are any regulatory changes in the future planned to ensure it's as easy to move away from an LLU-based provider as it is to move to them?
Standard User ukhardy07
(committed) Thu 05-Jan-12 12:00:28
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Re: Switching back from LLU

[re: notleyc] [link to this post]
From what I gather, it would be the same as getting a new line installed.

So the broadband would be down for quite some time
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