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Standard User musical_uk
(regular) Wed 30-Jan-13 15:48:02
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Sky and BT nightmare

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I left Sky ADSL Broadband (line had remained with BT) and had BT Infinity 2 installed on 8/1/13. Of course, I used my MAC. But Sky continues to bill me and are really arrogant. Here is an example email:

I am sorry to hear that you are still being charged even after the cancellation of your Sky services.
I certainly understand your concern regarding the Sky charges. However, I have checked your account and see that your Sky Broadband service is still active, due to which we are charging you for the Broadband service. We have not received the cancellation request from your new service provider or they have not used the MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) which we have provided, hence the Sky Broadband service is still not cancelled.
I request you to contact our Customer Service Team at the earliest to cancel your Sky services.
Whilst I realise that you may be disappointed with the decision made, I hope that you can appreciate our position on this matter.

Kind regards
Sky Help Centre

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Refunds or credits (Broadband)
I used my MAC and left Sky. BT Infinity was installed on 8/1/13 but you have taken £15 for the period for 5/1/13-4/2/13 from my account and also seem to be getting ready to take another £15 from my account at the beginning of February. Please can you refund the overpayment and stop billing me? I have not cancelled the direct debit in order to facilitate the credit but will seek repayment of any further debits under the direct debit guarantee. Thank you in advance for your help. Although I left Sky, having customer services in the UK made a big and positive difference to my experience as a customer.

Sky insists it will continue to bill me for a service I do not receive and will make no effort to check I cannot receive and absolutely refuses to pay the money taken in error back. Sky says only BT can sort it out. BT says only Sky can sort it out. I don't care whose fault it is but I am not paying Sky for a service I do not receive.

A chap in Sky cancellations says he has unilaterally cancelled my Sky service but refuses to pay any money back. But, if my line really shows as a Sky line, is there any danger I could lose my broadband?

For your amusement, here are the emails I sent back:

I do not have a live Sky service. My internet connection is provided by BT using FTTC. I did use my MAC. No, I do not accept that you can charge me for a service I am not receiving and which I left using your industry's agreed transfer mechanism. Please stop billing me for a service I am not receiving or send me a copy of your complaint process.


and when I'd had enough:

Please forward this email to your legal department:


I have spoken to my bank and they have reversed the January direct debit through the Direct Debit indemnity scheme, as Sky cannot legally continue to bill me for a service I do not have and which Sky knows, and can check, I do not have - though Sky has said that it intends to continue to bill me and refuses to refund any monies taken in error. Hence, my Sky direct debit has been cancelled. For the sake of legal clarity, I have no objection to paying for a service I can receive or have received but refuse to pay for one which I did or can not, I did use the MAC provided by Sky, Sky has made no effort to check my claims that I do not have a Sky broadband service and I absolutely dispute that there is £15 owing for the non-service in January, so please do not trouble any credit reference agencies.

If you want to try take me to court for non-payment for a service which you are not providing me with, you are more than welcome to try. Perhaps you could sue BT or Openreach? I don't really care. You have been thoroughly arrogant, rude and unhelpful in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 30-Jan-13 16:06:21
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Re: Sky and BT nightmare

[re: musical_uk] [link to this post]
Openreach as part of the migration should have disconnected the Sky hardware from the telephone line a the exchange, which would have raised the cancel note to Sky, i.e. telling them you have moved.

These sometimes get lost, as a simple 'I have now migrated, can you give me my final bill, which includes any notice period' contact with the old ISP is often recommended. With Sky as most people leaving will be moving phone line too this may have caused the confusion in your case.

The direct debit mandate seems reasonable, and you can ask Sky to verify the last time you connected to their service as further evidence of when you left.

I don't know what notice period Sky use, but 30 days is common, so that even if you migrate away 10 days after giving notice you intend to leave you still have 20 days of service to pay. Getting a MAC does not always constitute giving notice to leave either, for some providers it does and others it does not.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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