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Standard User mss911
(newbie) Fri 13-Feb-15 17:38:35
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Exchange has LLU (SAMKnows) or NOT according to telco (TT)

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A little conflicting/confusing information that I hope a third party on this forum could help clear up.

My local exchange information on SAMKnows has recently (in the last few months I think) been updated to indicate LLU service with a presence from Talk Talk (CPW)

When I contacted TT to inquire if this change could help resolve my IPStream congestion difficulties I was informed they didn't have a presence.

So what does the LLU operator precence really mean ??
Standard User Computerman142
(member) Fri 13-Feb-15 19:53:39
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Re: Exchange has LLU (SAMKnows) or NOT according to telco (T

[re: mss911] [link to this post]
Same around where I live the smaller exchanges serving around 1,000 premises have all apparently according to SamKnows been TalkTalk LLU'ed recently.

The LLU is the providers own equipment in the exchange, this means they don't need to use BT Wholesale to provide broadband but they can now change settings such your SNR margin and aspects of your line, it allows them to do more as it there equipment in the exchange.
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