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Standard User bobble_bob
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 18-Aug-15 13:33:35
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IP spoofing

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Noticed last night after looking into my Netgear router logs that i had 2 attacks blocked (one last Weds, the other on Sat), giving the reason [DDOS attack IP Spoof] and the IP was

No one was connected on the router with that IP at the time so assume it was someone on the outside trying to spoof a LAN IP. Are these anything to worry about it my router blocked them? First time ive ever seen an IP Spoof attack on my home network in all the years ive been online so odd to see 2 within a few days

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Standard User Zadeks
(experienced) Sun 23-Aug-15 21:40:22
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Re: IP spoofing

[re: bobble_bob] [link to this post]
More than likely a false positive. Consume router attack "detection" tends to be a massive waste of CPU.
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