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Standard User markward1976
(regular) Mon 13-Dec-10 13:23:48
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Sky no FTTC

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I can upgrade my line to 40meg from dec 31 but will have to go with bt. I called sky and was told sky have no plans to use this.
Is worth going to BT?
Standard User tcbandituk
(learned) Mon 13-Dec-10 13:44:12
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Re: Sky no FTTC

[re: markward1976] [link to this post]
It was for me, I had the Sky unlimited "up to 20mb" package but due to length from the exchange was only getting 3.5mb down and 1/2mb upload.
Switched to BT FTTC last Friday.
I've seen a low of 21mb and a high of 36mb on the download so far (normally it's around 26mb) but the upload is at 8mb consistently.
Standard User The_Jimster
(committed) Mon 13-Dec-10 17:50:50
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Re: Sky no FTTC

[re: markward1976] [link to this post]
i dont think this site has ever been updated since launch but looks like they have about 2 weeks left on their mid 2010 timescale for adding more exchages to the trial......!!!!!

also look into the caps for the BT product, as it will be a bit different from sky if you were on the LLU unlimited product....

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Standard User Desmond
(sensei) Tue 14-Dec-10 20:48:49
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Re: Sky no FTTC

[re: markward1976] [link to this post]
40 Meg sounds great, doesn't it? Alas this is BT managed 40 Meg and BT's increasingly aggressive 'management' was the reason I skipped ship to Sky. I was finding that some things, like app updates, were taking literally an hour or more to download and at times iPlayer had become virtually unusable.

40 meg would be great if it was available when it mattered. Alas, BT 16 Meg had - for me - become as slow or slower than the BT 500k service I originally subscribed to 10 years ago. Sky also give me 16 Meg, but it's 16 Meg that is real, not a number in an aspirational advert with a nauseating couple, that can only be achieved between 4 and 5 am on a Sunday without an r in the month and when the moon is full and a brilliant shade of blue.

Honestly, I couldn't be less excited about BT's Infinity. The hype and adverts are just aren't washing with me and those I know who have bought into it still do not achieve the service I do with Sky when they want to use it. They can get it when they don't want to use it, but what use is that to them?

I think I'll wait for Sky or someone else to do the fibre service I want as I'm sure they will once they think the infrastructure is there to achieve it on a wide enough scale to make it worth selling. What we are seeing at the moment is the same rush we saw when ADSL was first unleashed. With BT heavily promoting a service that is mostly not available and these boards are already awash with no end of complainants decrying the fact that they know not when or even if digital nirvana will arrive in Upper Cockerworth-in-the-Wold or, indeed Weatherfield... Damed! That exchange in Rosamond Street has been activated for months and BT still can't tell my Hilda when she can get something better than 3.2 Meg in Coronation Street.

When it arrived, ADSL really was the dogs testes when compared to dial-up. It really was worth rushing into, but I'm not convinced that noisily loading your instruments aboard the FTTC wagon is worth it just yet. Patience is a virtue.... It can also save you much heartache and bitter disappointment when it turns out that the dog you thought you were buying has actually had his testes removed and is better at meowing than barking.


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Standard User planetf1
(experienced) Tue 14-Dec-10 23:32:34
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Re: Sky no FTTC

[re: Desmond] [link to this post]
I imagine the lure can depend a lot on *current* speeds.

At 4.7 km I get 4.5/1.0 on O2... whilst fttc is predicting 30/7 (so likely a little more *sync* speed). Even accounting for restrictions it's probably still 3-8 x faster (and 2x the cost) downstream, and lots upstream.

The equation is differently balanced. At 16+ I can't imagine I'd be that bothered unless needing the 10 upstream, but at 4....
Standard User T1Cybernetic
(regular) Sun 02-Jan-11 15:46:10
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Re: Sky no FTTC

[re: The_Jimster] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by The_Jimster:

Awesome, Thanks for the link wink I can show that link around and hopefully get a few people registered, Ya never know it might help...

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