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Standard User ian72
(knowledge is power) Tue 11-Jan-11 14:23:43
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Returning to Sky Broadband

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A little warning to anyone returning to Sky Broadband. I was on Sky Broadband over 3 years ago at a different premise but moved over to Be. Decided at the new year to come back to Sky to be able to see what Anytime+ is like.

The connection has gone over this morning, on time. The only problem is that despite getting an email saying the router would be sent before activation they haven't sent one.

On speaking to support they said I already had a router from when I previously had broadband. However, since I've been away for so long and moved house inbetween I no longer have it. They've agreed to send a new one but I now can't get on the Internet until it arrives.

If the email and website hadn't said a router would be provided I would have been able to sort it out before now. But, now I am stuck - can't use my own router as I can't get the username and password (and of course it is technically against Ts&Cs).

So, just wanted to warn people in case they think of coming back - if you don't have your original router contact Sky to make sure they send you a new one (which they seem to do free of charge).
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