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(fountain of knowledge) Tue 01-Feb-11 13:19:29
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Gone live!

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today my wife was on the phone when the sound went very hissy, and the line dropped, including the internet connection.
I took this as a sign sky was being activated, wires being dragged around the exchange etc...

Once the dial tone returned i plugged in the sky router and found I have a new ISP laugh
(broadband only, not line/calls)

So..initially my stats are
Connection Speed 4095 kbps 605 kbps
Line Attenuation 38.0db 22.0db
Noise Margin 7.5db 16.0db

line around 1.2 miles long..

Pretty sure I was connected around 6.5k before (i kinda stopped caring about the actual connection speed as everything worked ok, though, when i did care I managed to get full sync, briefly, using a 2wire 2700hgv).

So..I'm happy so far, pages load fast enough, it's cheaper than my old isp and I no longer need to watch my usage, the next 10 days as my line gets up to speed will be interesting.

I've already grabbed the userid and password from the router, am I best leaving things as they are, or plugging in either the 2700hgv or the netgear 834gt to maximise my connection..or does it really not mater enough?
That question may answer itself if I find wireless performance of the d-link isn't up to par.
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(committed) Tue 01-Feb-11 13:49:48
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Re: Gone live!

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I donít think you need to worry that your speed is initially slower. I believe it starts at this speed and then speeds up while it tests to see what your line can support whilst remaining stable.

Not sure about switching router yet, youíre supposed to leave it connected for the 10 day training period while it sorts out the line speed. Donít know if there is much impact if you switch it off a couple of times in between, but personally Iíd probably wait until after the 10 days.
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