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Standard User Linc
(committed) Sat 12-Feb-11 14:45:07
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What do Sky Engineers know?

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Just spent all morning on the phone to Sky's Broadband engineers (Irish accents so not the Indian call centre!) Reason for call - her download speed was 300Kbps (yes..300)

First engineer says her connection speed should be 2050Kbps. He asked us to fit a new filter and he would ring back.

Thirty minutes later after no ringback from Engineer 1, we rang again. The 2nd one said her connection speed should be 1500Kbps. Told him what we had done after speaking to first engineer. This guy said it would be better if we connected to main BT socket and not an extension. Did this and he said speeds had increased 'significantly' but wouldn't say to what. Plus, at our end, we did not have an internet connection or a connection with the router!. When querying this, he got shirty, said he couldn't hear us and rang off.

Third engineer contacted (by now back on original extension socket) He said her speed should be about 4000Kbps. He suggested changing filter again 'but before you do I will ring you on your mobile' which he did. Filter changed. Speeds now up at 3950Kbps. Disconnected router several times (this is when we dropped speeds before) and it maintains at 3950Kbps.

Moral: Don't necessarily believe what Sky engineers tell you on your speeds and fit new filters if speed drops dramatically like my daughter's did.(and don't accept that a filter is OK just because it is new out of the packet!) Also, don't think that, just because you are not through to the Indian call centre that you will get first class service!

The hardest journey you will make is meeting people half way!

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