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Standard User damonster
(regular) Thu 24-Feb-11 00:13:28
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OMG speed dropped from 4.5Mbps to 0.5Mbps!!!!!!!

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Last night I noticed issued with my connection dropping (webpages not loading) then I noticed my download speed was down to 20 - 50kps. Today I find it's still the same so I did some speed tests and found my speed had fallen off a cliff:

I've tried a different PC, turning wireless off and all have the same proble.

The weird thing is my router is still reporting a "reasonable" download stream. Here's the stats:

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 4579 kbps 798 kbps
Line Attenuation 53.0 db 33.2 db
Noise Margin 7.9 db 10.7 db

I've emailed Sky as I'd prefer not to waste an hour of my life answering stupid questions with their Tier 1 staff.

In the meantime can anyone else think of what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

Word of mouth and service quality is what makes or breaks ISP's. Upset the customer at your peril.
Standard User tobykim
(experienced) Thu 24-Feb-11 23:35:04
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Re: OMG speed dropped from 4.5Mbps to 0.5Mbps!!!!!!!

[re: damonster] [link to this post]
Are you on any of the exchanges mentioned in the post by Robert here

although it seems only to be affecting people after 7pm

This site reports my speed as

when in fact I get near on 18 and not 8 so I wouldn't trust the speedtest

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