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Standard User skutterdan1701
(newbie) Mon 28-Feb-11 17:43:02
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What a day!

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Well it started this morning with Vodafone and their "Data Centre Theft". Took over two hours to find out what was going on. Half an hour after Vodafone came back up my BT line went dead. This was around 1330.

I did the obvious, changing filters, reseting modem, plugging in direct to master socket (With faceplate off!) etc.. nothing worked. Line was completely dead. I eventually managed to get through to the BT fault report page via my iPhone. No mean task given this mornings issue.

I was quite surprised to see a BT Openreach engineer turn up on my door 3 hours later to come investigate the issue. (They too have been affected by the mornings problems with Vodafone.) Turns out Sky issued a note to disconnect the entire line. I only moved on to Sky broadband last Wednesday! We think it may have something to do with the fact that Sky, in their infinite wisdom, sending me TWO broadband routers. A fact I made Sky aware of last Friday and the duplicate router was returned.

A case of Sky's left hand not knowing what it's right hand was doing?

In the end the engineer managed to get all the cables at the exchange put back. smile I have my phone line and Sky Broadband working again....hopefully for a long time!

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