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Standard User LazWalshy
(newbie) Mon 02-May-11 17:37:00
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Explanation as to why my broadband speed halved overnight.

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First off, apologies for the length of this post.

I have been a Sky Broadband customer for a number of years with no issues. Due to line distance etc. I only ever get just under 2mb. However, on 8th March at 11.20pm my line dropped and then came back a couple of minutes later at around 750kb. I checked the Sky website and no issues were reported and my estimated download speed was still 2mb.

After almost two months of calls to Sky, mainly their Customer Solutions Team, they have stated there is nothing else they do and I'm stuck with the reduced speed (now around 850kb).

Here is a summary of events:
1. Numerous plug this, that and the other into the master socket, disconnect all filters etc. to no effect. Sky insisted on letting their DLM take effect (I had to wait 10 days). Slight difference (about 100kb).
2. BT engineer checked the line. Said he could not find fault but decides to replace and move my master socket. Router now in pre-filtered master socket. No change to speed. Engineer gets variable speed results (700kb to 1.5mb). Continues to state nothing wrong with the line.
3. Discover two neighbours across the street have similar issues starting at the same time.
4. Sky go off down the voice line route. BT called again and change e-side pair (I think that was what was stated). No difference to speed.
5. Sky CST can see from stats line was 2mb solid until issue occurred and now has 'lots of errors on the line'.
6. Now they think its the router / cordless phone. Replace phone. No difference. They send new router (Sagem...hmmm). New router connects at half the speed of original Sky router. Plug original one back in.
7. Find out Sky have closed call as 'new router sent to customer'!
8. Sky open new call and state they can do nothing about the speed reduction.
9. One neighbour moves back to BT from Orange. BT discover fault in wiring in green cabinet (but not the one closest to our houses). Neighbour now gets 1.5mb with no issues.

My question is this - what more can I expect Sky to do?

I do not believe BT checked any other cabinet other than the nearest one to the house and Sky have now given up. I will be escalating with Sky.

Suggestions appreciated.

For info, prior to 8th March my stats were 2025kb, 60dB, 7 - 7.5dB (speed, attenuation, SNR). Current stats are 896kb, 60dB, 7.5dB.

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