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Standard User MikeL
(regular) Wed 10-Aug-11 19:33:25
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Skys new router 2504N

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Can existing customers order this router yet? Or do I have to wait until 15th August. I have the Sagem 2504 router at the moment, its OK but I'm wondering if a new router might work better. Ever since I have been with Sky I've been about 58db attenuation, getting between 2.8mbps to 1.5mbps. I'm sure years ago when I used to be with Pipex I was getting around 48-52 attenuation using a cheap router (but I was limited to 1mb).

I was getting 2mbps for ages, then recently I have gone down to 1.5mbps, so I bought an iplate, new high quality modem cable, new micro filters in an effort to get a better connection, it may have made a tiny difference but not much. I tried connecting straight to the test socket but its the same attenuation (58.5). I actually bought a cheap modem cable and it put my attenuation up to 61db!

I know a new router probably won't change my attenuation, but I might get it just to update. I am already on the gamer profile. I think it did put me up to about 2.5mbps for a while, but stayed at 2.0mpbs for months until recently.

I used to get around 976 upload too!

My stats
Connection Speed 1530 kbps 604 kbps
Line Attenuation 58.5 db 34.3 db
Noise Margin 9.1 db 14.3 db
Standard User iand
(experienced) Thu 11-Aug-11 18:17:35
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Re: Skys new router 2504N

[re: MikeL] [link to this post]
I suspect that this will make no difference to your line if youwere able to get a new one from SKY. The adsl standard is remaining the same between your current router and the new one. It is just the Wireless side that is changing.

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