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Standard User ukhardy07
(committed) Wed 29-Feb-12 23:32:26
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Hi basically I've had a slowdown in my sky broadband speed at peak times to around 2 mbps, sometimes lower.

Sky are suggesting it's something to do with the exchange being daisy-chained with 7 other exchanges to the kingston exchange - near london. From here everything goes down one backhaul pipeline

Is anyone in kingston, staines or the egham area suffering issues at peak times on sky? I think these 3 exchanges are all served by the same backhaul pipe

The issue is that a standard download e.g. itunes download goes at around 200 kb/s when you are synced much higher at PEAK hours. A speedtest doesn't show the issue up very well, as it peaks at around the full sync and then only slowly decreases downwards.

A thinkbroadabnd speedtest shows the issue very well.

Torrents will go at full speed due to their multiple connections

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