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Standard User kalkal
(newbie) Tue 20-Mar-12 21:16:53
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How is the Sky router?

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I've recently moved house and the only LLU ISP in the local exchange is Sky so I went with them (from BE).

My line should go live next week so how is the latest Sky router? I see that they might have cheaped out with it a bit and it also has a [censored] dumbed down firmware?

I know in the past they handed out custom netgear routers, which some were quite good and even better with the DGteam firmware.

Is there anything like this for their current router?

If not, would you recommend an alternative? Assuming the free one is trash of course.

Standard User ukhardy07
(committed) Tue 20-Mar-12 21:30:36
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Re: How is the Sky router?

[re: kalkal] [link to this post]
The sky router... Hmm. It's wireless N supporting unto 145 mbps
It has two integrated antennas. Signal strength is far better than DGN2000 DG834g and WNR2000. It gets signal in a room none of these could.

It hasn't got an overcomplicated interface. There's not much customisation. You can do the basics e.g. change SSID, wireless passphrase, view router statistics, upnp settings, dhcp etc.

I think it's a brilliant piece of kit. You plug it in, set it and forget it. It never crashed, never goes off, holds onto the broadband perfectly. I've had over 1000 hours uptime with this

It also syncs 2 mbps higher than a DGN1000 by net gear.

Try it out before rushing out paying for something else.

Also for wireless N to work you have to keep the 'mode' under 'setup' on auto.

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Standard User ukpm
(committed) Wed 04-Apr-12 11:06:04
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Re: How is the Sky router?

[re: ukhardy07] [link to this post]
If it helps, I'd second all of that.

Given all the negative comments your hear about Sky's routers on forums, I was very pleasantly surprised. After the 10 training period, everything was rock solid. Wireless range is a lot better than a DGND3300v2 that I spent well over £100 on a couple of years ago. I also haven't missed the 5GHz band from that router as the 2.4 band on the Sagemcom, set to auto, is excellent.

Anyone want a DGND3300v2? One careful owner smile

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Standard User markdixon
(regular) Wed 11-Apr-12 11:06:16
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Re: How is the Sky router?

[re: ukpm] [link to this post]
I can agree! Been with Sky LLU since July '11 and even after trying a different router I went back to the Sky one.. no problems, rapid at downloads, no wireless issues etc...
I will say its a little basic on the features side but I haven't needed anything more!

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