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Standard User xlcr
(member) Wed 25-Apr-12 13:19:41
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Fibre installed - my experience

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Having been a bit out of touch with the broadband world recently I didn't know Sky were going to do a fibre product, so when I rang them on the off-chance at the beginning of the month I got a nice surprise... Thoguht I'd post my experience here in case it's of interest.

Switched from normal Unlimited to Fibre Unlimited on the phone on April 4; was apparently the first order the rep had done for fibre, so a learning experience for her... All went well, had to switch line rental to Sky but don't have a problem with that. The rep's system said my estimated speed on fibre would be "between 40mbps and... 40mbps" which gave us a laugh.
The only issue with the ordering process was that the rep said the engineer would NOT need to enter the property, as all they did was switch the line in the cabinet. I rang back twice to check, after doing a bit of reading and speaking to some colleagues who have Infinity, and despite my querying this I was told by three different reps that the engineer really didn't need to come into the house. Wrong; hopefully they've educated their reps now...

In the end I played it safe and worked from home on the install day - visit was booked for between 8am-1pm; Openreach engineer called me at 7:45 saying he'd be there in 15 minutes. He came in, swapped out my faceplate for a filtered one, went out to the cab, came back and checked that I had synced at 40/2. Job done, engineer left.

I did some speed test using the wireless equipment - in the end I've gone for a slightly OTT set-up of having an Airport Extreme connected to the Sky router, which is connected to the modem; the Sky wireless was only giving me 20ish when sitting next to it and 2-3mbps upstairs (both uploads were around a meg). The Airport gives me 38-39mbps down and 1.8 up all over the house (but that is on the 5Ghz network). I doubt I'll bother trying to get any more out of the Sky box as everything is already set up to run off the Airport, but it's a bit daft giving out hardware that can't cope with the service.

So anyway; installation and service (so far) is fine; only issues were lack of knowledge on sales rep's end and daft hardware choice.

Just hoping they up the speeds to match the other fibre providers - 2Mbps is an improvement, but still makes backing up data to a cloud service slow...
Standard User mr_mojo
(knowledge is power) Wed 25-Apr-12 19:42:43
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Re: Fibre installed - my experience

[re: xlcr] [link to this post]
Check the main page news, they've 'soft launched' a 80/20 service smile
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