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Standard User tomxlisa
(regular) Fri 04-May-12 20:41:22
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Moved = Improved Sync:

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Well just thought i would share with everyone, moved away from sky yesterday off there llu service, my sync was around 17000, but once was over 19000 with them but it went down, called them up and they said it wouldn't go back up and my line couldn't handle it, now with my new isp my sync is just under 20000, but most of the time just over 20000, that is around a 3mb improvement for just moving isp, and proves sky was wrong the whole time, i am glad i moved even though my connection isn't always unlimited but the much improved technical support and connection is worth not having unlimited 24/7.
Standard User Kr1s69
(knowledge is power) Fri 04-May-12 21:18:27
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Re: Moved = Improved Sync:

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would you mind if i ask where you went and how much it costs compared to sky?


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Ashington (Northumberland) Exchange
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