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Standard User markdixon
(regular) Thu 10-May-12 11:45:57
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Silly question about Sky Fibre....

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I take it to get Sky Fibre broadband you need to be in a BT Infinity enabled area?
I'm not (any way to find out if its planned for my exhange?) so I guess that's why I can't get Sky Fibre BB


Sky Unlimited Broadband
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 10-May-12 12:15:44
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Re: Silly question about Sky Fibre....

[re: markdixon] [link to this post]
Yes you need to be in an area where Openreach offers its FTTC service, most obvious form is the posters that appear on street cabinets in an area.

BT Infinity is just the retail name BT Retail uses, and thus has the same level of access as Sky and TalkTalk.

In terms of plans can give some ideas

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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