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Standard User ukhardy07
(experienced) Thu 21-Jun-12 00:25:47
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Fibre broadband wifi

[link to this post]
I have just upgraded from 40mbps to 80mbps FTTC

I am wondering if a wireless connection will be able to handle this speed on wireless N.

The sky router connects at 144 mbps. I could invest in a 300mbps router but would only do so if the sky router isn't good enough wifi wise.
Standard User Kr1s69
(knowledge is power) Fri 22-Jun-12 19:15:48
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Re: Fibre broadband wifi

[re: ukhardy07] [link to this post]
I think the best option would be to use a LAN network speed test....

just googled for it and found this:

This will give you a good estmate of the speed of your WiFi network based on local conditions rather than knowing it works for 1 person who was sat right next to his router when he tested smile

Also consider that whilst you might not get 80Mbps via WiFi, think about why did you upgraded?* do you need full speed from a wireless connection, or do you also have an ethernet based PC that can do any downloading that might be required.....

* with sky i'm thinking the main reason to upgrade was the 2Mbps vs 20Mbps upload speed.


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