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Standard User offcs
(newbie) Tue 03-Jul-12 08:41:23
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Sky order

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I Went online on the 21st June and ordered fibre, booking an engineer visit for Thursday 5th. Woke up this morning and have received an email from Sky saying that the engineer will visit on the 16th! Rung them and they claimed it was a problem on the booking day with Openreach's systems. That doesn't explain why it has taken Sky two weeks to book me another date.
They told me that there is nothing they could do, but after asking them what they could do for me as they messed everything up, they are giving me six months line rental for £3.25, and two weeks refund on the broadband costs.
It really doesn't make up for the delay, and receiving the email without any explanation or apology.

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Standard User lelboy
(member) Wed 04-Jul-12 12:09:58
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Re: Sky order

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Whilst all the messing about is a pain in the backside, and not letting you know in reasonable time is inexcusable, I don't see, really, that their offer is that bad.
According to my arithmetic you've saved over £40.00 - 6 x about £7.00+ per month on the line rental.
As I say, poor service is inexcusable, but what would you have considered reasonable compensation - £100.00 and a bunch of flowers, perhaps?
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