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Standard User ahmk
(newbie) Fri 09-Nov-12 21:12:09
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Good speeds, poor customer service

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We placed an order for the Sky talk and unlimited broadband package at the beginning of September and it was activated towards the end of September. For just under a month we were getting the highest speeds we could expect from an adsl line and had no problems.
At the end of October without warning the line was suddenly cut off. Enquiries by phone revealed that the account holder for our account had been flagged as a minor. I live with the account holder and they are definitely not a minor. We eventually discovered that Sky had misheard one letter in our contact e-mail address and had been sending the e-mails intended for us to a minor. His older sibling or parents had contacted Sky, and Sky had taken the easy route and decided to simply deactivate our account, without bothering to contact us by phone call, sms or letter.
It seemed like a minor mistake, and we decided to place a new order. However, we were then told that our line would be active again at the end of November, because an engineer needed to be sent out to install a new line. This seemed completely unnecessary, given that we had obviously had a line only a few days previously, and to avoid the wait we cancelled again and decided to try placing an order with a different ISP.
As it turns out, we really don't have a line anymore. For whatever reason, either Sky or Bt made the decision to completely disconnect it. Some ISPs now want to charge us up to £100 for a new line installation, because there's nothing there anymore. Ironically, given the costs involved, we've had little choice but to go back to Sky and their free line installation offer, and our new line will be ready at the beginning of December, just in time for our university exams.

To summarise: since having our line activated, 7 out of 10 weeks will have been without service, the line has been completely disconnected without warning and we've been charged for one month without service. Not bad.

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Standard User garbageguy
(regular) Wed 14-Nov-12 20:56:11
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Re: Good speeds, poor customer service

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well as a new customer and having new line rental you can( should be able to) get free broadband for a year, my offer was under mysky see if you have got one, if not raise a stink and get it and they sent me a letter last week, just as I took out fibre frown
!, they have treated you very badly and you deserve compo

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