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Standard User CiscoGuyUK
(newbie) Sun 28-Apr-13 23:40:39
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Free Virtual Router (compatible with Sky Fibre)

[link to this post]
I thought I would just share something that I think is quite cool.

Seeing as I think the Sky router is a load of locked down rubbish I decided to use pfSense instead as I found it is the best router software that allows the DHCP client identifier (makes it compatible with Sky Fibre).

I have virtualized it in both Linux and Windows and there is a minuscule amount of latency added when using it in Windows (averages around 0.6ms)

What do you need?

1) pfSense image
2) Computer with at least two NIC's (Ethernet ports), three if you want to use it on the same PC
3) Virtualisation software, I have only tested it on Vmware workstation but it might work in VirtualBox, it won't work in Vmware Player
4) The DHCP client identifier if you have Sky broadband
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