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Standard User shaneosborne
(experienced) Sun 14-Jul-13 17:39:54
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Sky Hub SR101 Vs Billion 7800n

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Well, I've been using my Billion 7800n since I signed up to Sky as it out-performed the Sagem Router previously supplied.

I moved address and signed up to a new contract and was supplied the SR101 Router. I've been using the 7800n from the start.

A few days ago I decided to switch to the SR101 and was surprised when my download increased by 1Mb.

Has anyone else noticed that the SR101 gives better speeds than the 7800n?
I've checked the wireless range on the SR101 as others have said the wireless range is poor and from experience, the Sagem offered a very poor wireless connection.

I'm just surprised that my £120 Router doesn't perform as well as the Sky Freebie. I know the 7800n has a lot more features, which reminds me, does the SR101 support DynDNS and regularly update the IP if changed?

Many thanks in advance....
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