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Standard User sweepdog
(committed) Thu 06-Feb-14 18:02:04
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Migrated from O2 to Sky today, pleasantly surprised

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Well that went smoothly, and the speed is much better than I thought it would be

My speeds are pretty much what they were before the migration (I did have about 10.5MB down at one point when I first joined O2, then over a period of time, it seemed to get pegged to a lower level, maybe after a period of me rebooting the router, then when we had the BT line replaced a couple of years ago after lots of rain it degraded a bit more down to 7.5MB)

I've not had any emails off Sky saying "your migration is complete" (last one was just the one telling me the new router settings). I was half expecting to have to change my outgoing SMTP settings for my mail client, but this continues to work OK for now, which surprised me
I assume this is because I am using as the login in my own netgear router

Sky DOWN: 6.9MB UP: 0.65MB
Ex O2 Premium Customer DOWN: 7.5MB UP: 0.65MB
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