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Standard User abhijack
(member) Mon 10-Feb-14 16:18:21
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Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

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Hi guys.

I have joined Fibre unlimited and Sky talk.
Everything went according to plan.
Phone line and fibre was activated on Friday as agreed.
Sky hub was with me well with Royal mail delivery office 1 week in advance.

And I cant praise this Sky hub enough. No more hassle of waiting for an enginner who never turns and wastes my annual leave. No need for any techie expertise. You just plug the wires in and your broadband is running in less that 5 mins.

Estimated speed was around 25 Mbps. I am getting arounf 22 Mbps on wifi. havent checked the wired speed yet.

Hope it will be a nice 12 months stay with Sky. I am glad my speed has gone up by 8 Mbps with this house move!!

PS: Anyone know when and how will I recieve the M&S voucher worth £25 ??

VM cable > Plusnet fibre > Sky fibre unlimited
Standard User fireants
(member) Wed 12-Feb-14 10:34:02
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Re: Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

[re: abhijack] [link to this post]
I moved from BT landline and O2 legacy to sky landline with unlimited calls and sky broadband unlimited two weeks ago. Technically perfect, didn't need to fiddle with anything on the old O2 router (I'm keeping it because it has a USB port with a network printer, unlike the sky router) and am connecting at the same speeds and pings as I used to with O2. Sky sales have been brilliant, very friendly and helpful bunch of Geordies...£12.50 per month for 12 months all inclusive (landline/calls/internet)
Only glitch is that I am still getting bills for the legacy O2 Broadband, and there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between O2 and sky. They seem to be running separate accounts systems, and Sky "should have" automatically disconnected me from O2 but didn't..The last chap I spoke to told me just to ignore O2's demand emails, but I bet it won't be that simple, and I hope I don't end up with the bailiffs at the door as I did in the past as a result of Tiscali's disastrous accounts dept.(They sent the bailiffs round even though I was paying by direct debit.) I'd recommend stopping your O2 direct debit unless you are due a refund!
Anyhow, early days yet, but I too am very happy with the move to Sky and it's saved a lot of money for the moment
Standard User lelboy
(committed) Wed 12-Feb-14 14:04:45
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Re: Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

[re: fireants] [link to this post]
Hello, fireants,
Just so. I've recently had problems with my sister migrating from o2 to Sky (another story - see Sky chicanery), and given the level of, shall we say, ineptitude, I didn't trust Sky do do the "financial bit" without issue.
That being so, I've had my sister cancel her DD with o2, so that when - and if - they make up their mind what the final bill will be, they can invoice her, and she'll pay by card: the only safe way, given how the "seamless transition" went thus far! That said, there's little wrong with the Sky product, and I've been a happy Sky customer since analogue days!
I'd suggest you cancel your DD, and phone o2 up, asking for a "final bill", with them specifying exactly what dates they want money for. In life, with regard to DDs & standing orders, I've always found it better - in times of dispute - to cancel the order, and pay them on production of a "correct" invoice. Cheers, Les.

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Standard User fireants
(member) Wed 12-Feb-14 17:12:14
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Re: Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

[re: lelboy] [link to this post]
The Sky takeover of O2 looks messy from an accounts point of view. On takeover my DD was changed from O2 to Telefonica rather than Sky...When I call Sky accounts to ask about the new account situation they put me on hold and ring up O2 to ask them about my O2 Account.
It's not possible to chat online with O2 about this and the O2 website seems to be falling to bits.I'll see what happens in the next week or so when the old O2 DD falls due and report back.
Standard User sweepdog
(committed) Wed 12-Feb-14 19:21:44
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Re: Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

[re: fireants] [link to this post]
Talking of messups, got this email this morning, despite transferring from O2 to Sky a week ago
Dear ...
We're sorry to hear that you are in the process of moving your Home
Broadband service to another provider
If we can still persuade you to stay, or if you would like to process a
house move then contact us as soon as possible on 0800 230 0202.
Thankfully, it did go on to say
If you're moving to Sky, please ignore this email and we'll send you a letter
confirming your new order details shortly.
but why send the email in the first place? I nearly had kittens when I read the first few sentences

Sky DOWN: 6.9MB UP: 0.65MB
Ex O2 Premium Customer DOWN: 7.5MB UP: 0.65MB
Standard User supremetwo
(member) Wed 12-Feb-14 20:58:30
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Re: Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

[re: sweepdog] [link to this post]
It's automatic for any departing client and they can't be bothered to change the IT to ID those related to the Sky takeover.

O2 Standard April 2009 - November 2013
Now Sky Broadband Unlimited

Edited by supremetwo (Wed 12-Feb-14 21:05:19)

Standard User fireants
(member) Thu 13-Feb-14 19:52:27
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Re: Moved to SKY from Plusnet.

[re: fireants] [link to this post]
Well...i got another text from o2 to say I owed them for the BB.
Called them and they cancelled the account. Spent 30 minutes being passed backwards and forwards from Sky to O2 trying to get a cease on the O2 BB acct...pretty chaotic really.
All in all it's lucky I called them again as the O2 acct hadn't been cancelled at all on the changeover from O2 to Sky, so I'd have ended up with TWO BB accts and bills on both.
Hope it's sorted now
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