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Standard User chippy2
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 02-Mar-14 12:03:57
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Transfer from O2

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Transferred (not by choice) from O2 to Sky 14 February. Still using O2 router. Thought nothing of it really but noticed that downloads appeared slow. Did a TBB speed test; found that speed had dropped from about 15 M on O2 to around 7. Read a lot on various forums about other people having the same problem and not getting an answer. 10 minute on-line chat with Sky on 21 (or 22 February - can't remember) concluded that problem was down to incompatibility with O2 router and they would send a Sky one. Sky router arrived on 25 February. Speed back up to 17 M. Very efficient hassle-free service.
Standard User zarnywoop
(regular) Mon 03-Mar-14 19:35:45
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Re: Transfer from O2

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I'm in a similar position although for me it's upload speed thats the issue. Download sync is 10% worse, upload 35% ! Not much luck with CS, over 10 days since I reported the issue an no progress.
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