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Standard User NBK
(experienced) Wed 09-Apr-14 21:34:57
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I realise this may have been asked before but...
Today (at 1am this morning) I was switched over from Be to Sky. Ran speed tests and it was around 14mbit down and downloads came in at 1.6MB/s, I thought great, that's better speeds than Be!

This evening...speeds are up and down like a yo-yo going from 300KB/s to 700KB/s and speed tests don't look too good either compared.

So...on Sky is there a lot of peak time congestion that would drastically reduce speeds? It's not an issue I've ever had with Be and if it is the case with Sky where every day in the evening, and possibly all weekend, I'll be getting quite poor speeds I'll be pretty miffed really...

So hows peoples experience with Sky? Is this typical or should I expect things to improve slightly?
Standard User davidjfirman
(newbie) Thu 10-Apr-14 01:19:49
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Re: Speeds/congestion...

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I'd hazard a guess that your line is being tested by Sky to see what speeds it can support. Leave everything switched on for at least 10 days.

Search for DLM (Dynamic Line Management) if you want to know the background to what's going on.

BTW, welcome to Sky!

Sky unlimited BB - 7688 / 797 (if it's working).
[Dialup with Prestel @1200/75, AOL @ 9600 and C&W @ 56k, then ADSL/ADSL2 from PlusNet, BT, PostOffice and O2]
Standard User johnnycab
(learned) Fri 11-Apr-14 09:29:46
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Re: Speeds/congestion...

[re: davidjfirman] [link to this post]
It does seem that Sky are playing around with DLM even before a migration, as I was getting a stable connection at 3SNR and a 20-22Mb connection. Yesterday, I started getting a reset on the line with no connection and my migration date is scheduled for 15th April.

After a Sky-->Be circle-jerk and a few hours on the telephone; Be support changed my profile from Fastpath to a 'normal' profile. Now I am connected at 16Mb @9SNR -so a big loss from previous speeds! Now I have to wait and see what further surprises are in store when I do get migrated..

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