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Standard User whitcop
(newbie) Fri 18-Apr-14 17:16:30
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Ex O2 to Sky

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I migrated 9 days ago and have a static IP address and I am using my old O2 router. My download speed is about 10% faster at around 5.0Mbps but my Upload speed is 20 - 25% slower at 0.66Mbps. This is a bit of a pain as I have a VPN and that speed becomes my download speed. The biggest problem is that when using any of the 3 portable items connected via WiFi (2 tablets and a smartphone) it is almost impossible to use FaceBook as its so slow updating. Click on a new post and be prepared for a long wait. If I access FB via the browser its great (its the mobile site m.Facebook). We only have this problem with the Apps. Again on the phone if I launch the app on the 3g connection no problem. Any ideas please?
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