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Standard User davepatkelly
(newbie) Mon 13-Oct-14 13:29:33
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Sky Broadband

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I have had Sky Broadband for 18 months now.
The first year was with the standard broadband and I achieved a router speed
of 16mbps and a PC speed of 14mbps.
I changed to Sky fibre in July and my router speed is 40 mbps and my PC speed
is 38mbps download.
I have 6 pieces of equipment attached wirelessly to the router.
My max phone line speed is 40mbps.
This is achieved with a standard phone line extension rom the master socket
of approx. 15 metres.
My experience of Sky is excellent in reliability.
I have had 2 dropouts and both times the Sky system has recovered the problem
with no input from myself.
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