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Standard User bazcurtis
(newbie) Fri 17-Oct-14 17:32:19
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Connections drops regularly after router swap

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We had a thunderstorm recently and our Sagem 2504N blew up. I spoke to Sky and we had to buy a new router. We were sent an SR102 running firmware 2.1q.3595.R. Since we installed it we have been getting dropped Internet connection. I can't ping OpenDNS or Google DNS.

When it comes back the pings look like this.

and quite often drop again.

I have been monitoring the line with Simon Free on my Mac and it looks like this

Sky somehow managed to send me a 2nd routers in the course of replacing the first one. I have fitted that one as well and it does the same thing. No cabling was changed internally and from the router gui it can't ping those address either, so it doesn't look like an internal networking issue.

The Sagem 2504N was rock solid for 2 years. We had good speed and a very good connection. The SR102 has been a nightmare. Since I spoke to Sky the router now has 2.1r.3727.r firmware, but still the same. The lights on the router stay white and don't flash. Sky are saying this means all is good. Testing would seem to prove otherwise, plus the fact the router can't ping the Internet. I also turned on remote access, but only from my Office IP address and ran a monitoring tool from there as well. Funnily enough when it went down internally, the office couldn't get to the router from my office.

Best wishes
Standard User Sceptic
(experienced) Fri 17-Oct-14 18:21:35
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Re: Connections drops regularly after router swap

[re: bazcurtis] [link to this post]
did you replace the micro-filters ?
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