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Standard User fino123
(newbie) Fri 24-Apr-15 13:05:40
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Moved cabs but still can't get fibre

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Been with Sky for a few years now and it's been good service. Recently my line went faulty and Sky were pretty good at getting to the root cause and fixing. It turns out the problem was the line itself and BT Openreach were sent to fix it. As they couldn't pinpoint where the problem was they had to connect me on new copper to a different cabinet (no spare back to my existing one). On the plus side the Openreach engineer I spoke to said the cabinet I'm now connected to is fibre enabled but the previous one wasn't. He was going to update the records and if I left it a couple of the days I should be able to order fibre. Well more than a few days have passed and despite phoning sky I can't order it. So my question is can Sky contact BT Openreach and get them to check/update the records. It's an unusual situation I know but it seems as if when the computer says no thats the end of the conversation. frown
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