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Standard User easynet_fan
(member) Tue 05-May-15 21:55:22
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Ex-Be people needing bridge mode on Sky ADSL2+

[link to this post]

There was alot of discussion when Be users migrated over to Sky about bridge mode. Turns out one of the solutions is to use an old BT internet router - Voyager 220V or similar.

The old BT ones go for a few quid on ebay, but if anyone needs one I now have mine spare after moving to a different service. The current black Sky hub seems to work in the same way, but you will only get one if you plead with Sky (they "gave" you the old Be router which they claim works but doesnt) or upgrade your package.

If anyone needs information how to do this (it uses the DMZ/Ip-forward feature) let me know. Many tried similar settings on other routers and it doesnt seem to like it.
Standard User MaxNRG
(member) Wed 15-Jul-15 01:02:45
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Re: Ex-Be people needing bridge mode on Sky ADSL2+

[re: easynet_fan] [link to this post]
FYI I'm using a Draytek Vigor 120 (PPPoE to PPPoA bridge) with my Sky connection. I have a 5th Gen Apple Airport Extreme running PPPoE just fine with this setup.

Vigor120 + AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Generation)
on Sky Unlimited ADSL (Formerly on Be Bonded Service, alas killed by Sky)

Sky : : 13th July 2015 20:43 BST
23ms ping : 3.77Mb/s Down 0.60Mb/s Up : London Server

Be Internet : : 2nd Jan 2013 12:13 GMT
21ms ping : 4.24Mb/s Down 0.91Mb/s Up : London Server
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