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Standard User Naveen
(newbie) Mon 05-Oct-15 18:56:27
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Sky Interleaving

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I have done a quick google and come up with nothing except 2009 information.
Is it possible to get interleaving turned off, or at least turned down, on my connection?

I have just today rejoined Sky ADSL after a brief sojourn at Plusnet (who were awesome) and am looking to optimise my connection.

Any other optimisation tips for a first time user (MTU? *Shudder*) most welcome too.

Thanks smile
Standard User btrollop
(newbie) Fri 09-Oct-15 09:38:57
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Re: Sky Interleaving

[re: Naveen] [link to this post]
Joined sky ~1 month ago and posed this question to them.
The answer is no, they can't adjust the DLM manually at all. However, after a week, my pings dropped from ~30ms to ~13ms on ADSL, so it looks like if the line is stable, the DLM drops the interleaving automatically.
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