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Standard User mbames
(regular) Fri 22-Apr-16 12:46:02
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Draytek Vigor 130 & 2925

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There don't seem to be many posts around on the 130, so I thought I'd add a quick one to say that they work quite happily together, but the 130 can't be used directly out of the box.

Background - have DHCP options 60 and 61 from your SR102. I previously had my 2925 configured with a HG612, so I knew all was fine on that front.

1. Connect the 130 to a PC and assign the PC a static address is the 192.168.2.x (don't use 1) range.
2. Connect to (admin/admin)
3. [Internet Access] > [General] change the connection type to VDSL2 (from Auto)
4. [Internet Access] > [MPoA / Static or dynamic IP] and Enable this (turns off PPoA)
5. save/reboot
6. [LAN] > [DHCP] and turned off DHCP
7. save/reboot
8. connected to phone line and WAN1 on the 2925

All came up as expected smile Although all the guides seem to suggest you don't need to clone the SN102 MAC address into the WAN settings on the 2925, I found that if I didn't then it never completed the DHCP requests.

Guides from Draytek may help:

2925 screen:

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