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Standard User Tomjonestribute
(newbie) Sat 14-May-16 21:21:43
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How do I fit a pre filtered ADSL wall plate?

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Hi, it's my first post on here so hope I'm following the protocol.
I've got Sky Broadband fitted at my home and I've had long standing problems with dropout for about three months now.
After exhausting all types of support from the telephone helpline, engineer visits etc, replacing all cabling between the wall outlet and the modem etc it's still an intermittent but high nuisance value problem.

I want to replace the standard BT Openreach wall outlet with a pre-filtered wall plate. This is because my suspicion is that the wall plate or cable connections are the problem. The reason for my suspicions are that when I move the filter box and cables around, press on the connections etc. The broadband will often come back on immediately. Unfortunately this is not a permanent fix and dropout recommence s either within a few hours or days. I have replaced the filter box twice with units sent from Sky.

I have only two cables coming in, orange and white.

The outlet from the existing BT wall plate goes to a sky filter box and then splits into two cables, one to my modem, one to my landline. No problems with landline, just broadband dropout.

The new wall plate has six connections as follows.... And the suggested cable colours to be connected are......

1. Not used
2. Blue with white banding
3. Orange with white banding
4. White with orange banding
5. White with blue banding
6. Not used.
No mention of white or orange!

Can anyone assist me in how to correctly connect my incoming orange cable and white cable to this new wall plate please?
The wall plate itself is a ' Surface Mount Secondary ADSL Wall Plate LJU2/6A

Thanks for your time and attention to this,

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 15-May-16 10:29:50
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Re: How do I fit a pre filtered ADSL wall plate?

[re: Tomjonestribute] [link to this post]
Do you mean this?

Where is the master socket in the home? That is the best location to filter things, with the no wiring needed interstitial plates.

To answer the question only need to connect the incoming signal to pins 2 and 5, which colours will depend on what is currently in use.

NOTE: Using a secondary socket downstream from your master socket may or may not resolve your problems, e.g. if the home has star wiring or other extensions (Even if nothing is plugged in) these may be picking up random noise.

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