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Standard User Jumping
(regular) Thu 30-Mar-17 10:50:19
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Re: Packet loss and drop of UL synch

[re: Jumping] [link to this post]
Seems there is indeed some issues on my line which is why the latency has gone up (actually gone up even further, dropped slightly when going into the test socket) and my line is no syncing below the threshold but as I'm on a rolling contract I have to pay for an engineer to be sent out.

To make an extremely annoying and long saga with SKY short they weren't able to get me onto a 12 month contract so I have decided to move my broadband to Plusnet which will save me a fair bit of money compared to what i been paying SKY, but it is still bugging me they would rather let me leave than get me on a contract to get the engineer cost taken care of.

Hopefully I will get what ever it is effecting my line sorted out shortly as im now down to about 55/15 and a base latency closer to 30ms.
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