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Standard User evanbrown
(newbie) Tue 04-Jan-11 20:09:34
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TalkTalk (Tiscali): BT IP profile problem

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Hi everyone

I'm currently helping a neighbour with a problem with their broadband connection. Their provider is Tiscali (TalkTalk).

The problem is that their router is connected at 2144k downstream/448k upstream. The connection is stable and has been active without disconnection as far as I'm aware for over 10 days without uncorrected errors. However the BT IP profile for the line remains stuck at 250k. My IP profile (at the house next door) is 2500k.

I'm an experienced network engineer and have checked all their internal wiring - the router is connected straight into a microfilter in the master socket. There are no problems on the voice side and this drastically low line profile only seems to have been reached over the last month or so, although I'm not sure what they were on before.

Tiscali are being terribly unhelpful on the telephone and the neighbours are not computer literate. Is there anyone here from Tiscali or TalkTalk who could take a look at the connection for them and alter the IP profile on the line to a more realistic level (1750k by my reckoning.) Alternatively perhaps a DLM reset would be possible.

I can PM telephone number and account details if there is anyone here who can help.

Many thanks.
Standard User BatBoy
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 04-Jan-11 21:00:39
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Re: TalkTalk (Tiscali): BT IP profile problem

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Try rebooting the router.

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