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Standard User mista_k
(newbie) Sun 20-Mar-11 13:51:59
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TalkTalk and rDNS??

[link to this post]

Does anyone know if Talktalk have or going to sort their DNS issues out, was a customer a while back but went back to BT and Zen after some issues with their 'faulty' rDNS steup?

Just missing the 17-16mb/s downstream! :/

Was going 21cn at the end of January but BT cancelled the activation date and now has none!!

Regards, Kieran..
(isp) Mon 21-Mar-11 09:40:38
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Re: TalkTalk and rDNS??

[re: mista_k] [link to this post]
Hi Kieran,

we were never able to gain a response for our colleagues or directors over at Networks in regard to this issue.

You never know it may be resolved eventually, but it would seem its not deemed a priority at the present time.


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