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Standard User Ignitionnet
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 02-Apr-11 20:23:35
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Ridiculous Sign-Up Processes

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Just had the dubious pleasure of a rather long sales call with the wonderful TalkTalk.

Just moved to a new property, called BT who for some reason wanted to send Openreach to install a completely new line. Saw mail from TalkTalk to previous resident, really need connection quickly so called them up.

After a load of sales banter they also may want to send an engineer around, they want to do a completely new install and want to charge me 75 quid for the pleasure.

Pretty laughable that they're so inefficient. The line is active, connected to a TalkTalk MSAN, they could be collecting money from me for it almost immediately and instead they want to make me wait until 26th April.

I now realise how wise I was to avoid full LLU.

The woman was busy telling me how each line was dedicated to a particular person and how I needed a whole new one, I was trying to get through to her that it was only TT's inflexible sales flow that appears to require a full new install that was the issue and they were only dedicated on their system.

However have BT been managing it all these years, not having to send an engineer around every time someone moves into a new home you wonder.

Either way TalkTalk's processes are laughable and they appear to actively want to throw money at Openreach and claw back some, not all, of it from the end user, costing themselves and their customer money.

Standard User blueacid
(member) Sat 02-Apr-11 21:32:53
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Re: Ridiculous Sign-Up Processes

[re: Ignitionnet] [link to this post]
Or they want to charge you £75 to click a couple of buttons on their system, paying openreach approximately naff all.

..if you pay, that's a pretty solid business model just there tongue

Was on Xilo C&W LLU on MRCEN, Now Be* on MRARD.
Standard User tommy45
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 02-Apr-11 21:52:37
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Re: Ridiculous Sign-Up Processes

[re: blueacid] [link to this post]
They are either totally dis organised or the sales robot's are getting comission for each new line install they get

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Standard User craigglawson
(regular) Mon 27-Jun-11 04:23:50
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Re: Ridiculous Sign-Up Processes

[re: tommy45] [link to this post]
Alternatively if the previous person was a stopped MPF, TalkTalk or BT can't touch it.

OpenReach force them to place a provision order rather than an MPFSTART order.
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