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Standard User seedys50
(learned) Mon 18-Apr-11 09:22:57
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Usenet usegroups

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Im currently in the process of moving house and the new telephone exchange has talk talk LLU or BT.
I have been with entanet for the past few years and have had a 7MB connection that is pretty rock steady. I use newsgroups overnight to grab a few "bits and pieces".
Can anyone on talk talk tell me how the useage is on usenet. On the main website it states P2P is throttled - never use these so no problem.
Is there an actual offpeak useage limit.
Dont want to move providers and tie into a 12 month contract and then find out they throttle the line and it is as good as useless.

Thanks for looking and hopefully someone will reply.
Standard User SimonCandest
(knowledge is power) Tue 19-Apr-11 07:43:45
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Re: Usenet usegroups

[re: seedys50] [link to this post]
Can't remember if TT have a usenet server since I use a paid for one... No matter. Usenet seems to be unthrottled. Runs at full speed depending on the server.

There is no "offpeak", it's all one big total and depends on the package. I went for essentials with a 40 gig limit and have, on occasion, added the 40 gig boost giving me 80 gig. Had to add the boost as I had decided to youtube the entire 8 seasons of Hell's Kitchen one after the other..... crazy


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