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Standard User CREP
(newbie) Sat 25-Jun-11 00:01:04
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Takl Talk Fibre Optic

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Hi all

I am currently getting around 2Mbps broadband speed and talk talk fibre is available to me for an extra £10 per month just wondering if anyone here is on it and if so is it worth it
Standard User woweebert
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 25-Jun-11 13:09:49
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Re: Takl Talk Fibre Optic

[re: CREP] [link to this post]
I have not as yet seen anybody post , that is on the TalkTalk FTTC offering , so really can not advise .

As soon as BT actually enable my cabinet i will take the plunge with TalkTalk , things is the date has been put back 5 times ,so i really have no actual idea when this will actually happen .
Now have a September date when it was meant to go live November last year and as most of the cabinets are in place bar one ( that's my cabinet ) , im not over confident .

With TalkTalk , not as bad as some might have you believe
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