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Standard User dsample
(newbie) Wed 12-Oct-11 01:03:38
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Automatically moved to LLU?

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I'd been a Nildram customer for years, and of course got moved to Opal and now TalkTalk Business. I've always struggled with speed and stability, even through many different attempts to resolve the issue with Nildram and once with TalkTalk, but nothing seemed to help. I sync and apparently get a solid 8Mb link (comments from tech support of "That's actually pretty rare"), but barely get 8Mb of that on a good day, and on a bad day (or week) I'm getting 0.5Mb, which is rubbish.

I'm in Warboys (Exchange EMWARBY) and looking at SamKnows this evening I noticed an RFS date for TalkTalk LLU 14 October 2011 (in 2 days). However, looking at TalkTalk's service dashboard I can't even find the Warboys exchange on there, and putting in my phone number and postcode shows 'nothing planned' in the LLU section... which should I believe?

If the LLU does get switched on in a couple of days, what's the process to get put onto it? Is it automatic, or will I need to contact them? The service I'm subscribed to has always been sold to me as a 24Mb (ADSL2) service, but I was told because I wasn't on an LLU exchange I would only get 8Mb (ADSL Max) speeds.
(isp) Thu 13-Oct-11 15:12:11
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Re: Automatically moved to LLU?

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HI Dsample,

If you contact the TT Business teams they sohuld be able to clarify with you the services available and any projected dates. THe TT Business services are supplied in a slightly different way to the TT Residential.


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