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Standard User dsample
(newbie) Wed 12-Oct-11 12:10:50
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TalkTalk Business not welcome on

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I tried to register on yesterday in order to start a thread about my slow connection, but when registering they link your account to your real TalkTalk account by way of your customer number. Unfortunately TalkTalk Business don't have the same CRM as normal TalkTalk, so it's impossible to register.

An email to the administrator to ask how to register got the following response:

The TalkTalk Members Forum OCE do not have access to TT Business
accounts. These are handled via a dedicated arm fo the TT Group. As such
we do not have the resources to assist youw ith any queries you may have
and refer you to the contact details on your TT Business bills.

It's a real shame, since I'd rather ask the community than spend time on the phone unnecessarily to customer service.

I was assigned to TalkTalk Business because I was a Nildram customer. Are there any benefits to being on TT Business rather than normal TT? I know in theory the line ratio should be better, but with my slow connection that's not my current concern.
(isp) Thu 13-Oct-11 15:26:02
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Re: TalkTalk Business not welcome on

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HI dsample,

You may feel this is a negative however it is because of the specialist nature of business services and the different processes and procedures employed to support TT Business customers.

As advised they use a different CRM to TTResidential and as such the forum is not equipped to support TT Business queries. We can escalate issues ot them but once done we have no control or visibility of the outcome.

In terms fo the differences between the services as confirmed above this is more to do with the process and procedures for support, in addition to some differences in the services supplied. If you are not operating a business then a business service may not be the most suited for you and you can query with TTB the relevant process for migration should you wish.


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