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Standard User acpsd775
(committed) Fri 30-Dec-11 00:44:56
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Possible problem

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Hi all ill start off with i dont seam to have much look with ADSL lol,

i was wonder if any one with knowledge on stats could help.

I think its been doing it longer but ive only noticed it mainly in the past week and half,
My TT line was put to 12 meg by a talktalk rep on the TT forums it seamed fine but then after that every day since then about midnight my connection gos into a hissy and loses and re-sync about 4-5 times for a duration of about 20 mins,
It gets quite annoying trying to on-line game when that's happening and after that my SNR gos way up and my speed drops a fair bit.

Ive also posted the problem on the TT forums but it can take days for them to reply,
So thought id try on here too can some one look at my stats and see if they can see any problems im not sure if its possible to really tell problems from stats but worth a try

ADSL Type Annex A
Status Up

Downstream Upstream
Rate(Kbps) 8328 920

SNR Margin(dB) 12.2 10.2
Attenuation(dB) 40.0 21.6
Output Power(dBm) 0 12

Super Frames 79972 79973
RS Correctable Errors 2040 65515
RS Uncorrectable Errors 0 0

HEC Errors 0 0
Total Cells 49489 19624
Data Cells 4571878 216244
Bit Errors 0 0

they were this before

Downstream Rate 12485 kb/s
Upstream Rate 1020 kb/s
Downstream SNR 6 dB
Upstream SNR 8.5 dB
Downstream Attenuation 40 dB
Upstream Attenuation 21.6 dB

There's nothing else on the line at all its just router plugged into a micro filter into the test socket i dont even have a phone on that line i only use it for broadband (just to note though i plugged a phone in to see if there's noise and there is none)

Thanks for any advice Ash

Sky + TalkTalk
2004: Blueyonder 256k/512k => 2006: Blueyonder 2Meg => 2009 Virgin Media 10Meg => 2009/10 Virgin Media 50Meg => 21/04/2011 sky Unlimited 9732kbps/ 796kbps (still active) => 30/9/11 Virgin Media 100Meg => 17/11/11 Talktalk 11105kbps/1020kbps

PSN: ACPSD775 add me if you like
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