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Standard User grumpycrab
(learned) Fri 27-Jan-12 17:44:29
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Speedstream 4100 won't sync.

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A friend lost broadband today. She's got an old router (in title) which suddenly decided not to sync (DSL light off for 10secs then flashes twice).

Tried restarting and checked cables etc. Either TalkTalk broadband has gone down or this box has failed. Rang TalkTalk and they said she needs a new router. That'll be 5-10 days.

Can TalkTalk tech support actually test the line through to the router? I just know this will be an ADSL line fault but I couldn't really argue with the guy. Broadband status for the phone number is fine.

Any suggestions? I don't know anybody with a spare router which we could try unfortunately.
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